When It Might Be Better To Replace Windows

Of course, it should go without saying that the moment windows are broken, usually by accident or owing to the effects of bad weather (strong gale force winds, a heavy overnight storm, and the like), they should be repaired at the earliest possible opportunity. Which is probably why the window repair san francisco shop will have a 24-hour emergency services unit standing by, ready to respond at a moment’s notice to any distress call it receives.

But the thing is, unbeknown to you perhaps, your windows are receiving a battering on a daily basis. This, of course is usually caused by two things. One was mentioned earlier. The wind might not be at gale force, but it is blowing nevertheless. You would be amazed. Over a prolonged period of time, even a gentle breeze can cause quite a bit of wear and tear to your windows. And if these are never being inspected at the recommended intervals, they could become quite brittle.

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Quite brittle in the sense that all it would take to break single window would be just a gentle nudge with one of two fingers. Surely you have seen how this happened before. Someone accidentally or carelessly leaned on the window and, whoopsy-daisy, how did that happen? How did the window break so easily? Well, it happens, and now might be a good time for you to deal with it. If it takes a new window installation to make it stronger and near to non-enforceable, then why not.

The other thing that could cause windows to become brittle over time and subsequently easy to break is the ongoing battering of the sun’s strong UV rays, stronger than ever before the last time this was checked.