Here’s An Heirloom That Should Be Preserved

It does not happen to everyone, but say now. It could still happen. It might have happened to anyone reading this now. Perhaps for some, it is too late. But for others, perhaps not. Perhaps they have inherited a bit of property from their predecessors. Perhaps they might wish to hold onto it for now. Aside of the fact that new property sales are hard to come by now, there could be a few significant heirlooms within the property well worth preserving or salvaging.

Salvaging in the sense that it may need some cleaning up or repair work, or both. The old house’s wooden floorboards could be a good example of that. For many years now, it had been a fashionable habit to simply hide those old floorboards from the public view by rolling out what was originally plush wall to wall carpeting. Had folks known back then, perhaps they would not have ventured on this route.

provenza heirloom

Because they ended up with more work anyhow. Because cleaning those wall to wall carpeting, let’s put it to you this way; turned out to be a real bugbear. Had they known how much easier it would have been to clean and maintain those old wooden floorboards, perhaps they would have settled for just a few good rugs here and there. Persian mats are still quite a popular idea. New makeover ideas, of which there will be quite a few, could include the provenza heirloom.

Perhaps this is coincidental. Perhaps some of the readers’ predecessors hailed from the old country. And perhaps this will be a nostalgic reminder of the old Italian countryside in all its glorious and sunny tranquility. And perhaps the house must be sold somehow. The realty value could be improved this way.